Top 50 Highest Paying GPT Sites in 2016


We listed of the top 50 highest paying gpt sites 2013 here, so if you are looking for high paid gpt sites of 2013, then you are in the best place. These sites are not just highest paying gpt sites but also legit and most popular sites on the internet.

Making money online is very exciting if you find the legit and highest paying sites, however, this is not the case most of the time, for there are so many work from home websites out there who are ready to scam you and also make you work harder with a little or no pay to show for it.

Our aim right now is to help you research online and fish out all the legit and highest paying gpt sites 2013. We have done a whole lot of research of recent trying to find the most legit and high paid gpt sites 2013, we have analysed what makes a website legit and also went into details about the top choices available to you, taking a closer and critical look at each site’s payment proofs, highest earners and number of money making opportunities. Well, have been able to find the gpt sites we are looking for. Below are the lists of gpt sites found, tested and confirmed by many as the highest paying gpt sites in 2013.

Cashcratesis currently the best gpt site online. They have been on the internet for a very long time paying their members regularly without complaint. Cashcrates has a lot of high paying daily surveys, offers, tasks, double money back shopping, paid videos and lots more. They accept USA, Canada and English speaking European countries. If you are from USA then this is the best gpt site for you. As a USA member you stand a chance of making $45 per day without referrals. Please don’t forget to use their referral program because that is where you can make more than $200 per day like most of their top earners make. You can withdraw the minimum of $20 via check, direct bank deposit, dwollar and paypal.

Point2shop is one of the oldest and most legit gpt sites on online. Points2shop made the lists of highest paying gpt sites 2013 and also last year. They are very consistent in terms of operations and payment. Their members make money based on points which are later converted to cash and cashout through paypal, payza and liberty reserve. The minimum cashout is as low as $0.50. Their average earner makes $10-$10.3 per day.

Getpaid is the second highest paying gpt site 2013. This is the third time in a row this site would be included among the high paid gpt sites. Their members have the advantage of doubling their earnings because of their combination of both gpt and ptc earning ways. And another nice thing about this site is that the minimum cashout is the lowest in the history of gpt sites, you can cashout instantly without delay. If you are serious in this site you can make more than $20 per day. like inboxdollars is a popular and one of the most trusted gpt sites online and paying since 2005. They have several ways you can make money with them and the minimum earner makes at least $2 per day, just for spending a few minutes there. The payment methods are paypal, check and amazon gift card. like treasuretrooper, is one of the oldest best gpt site Online, they have been online for over 11 years and 6 months. They have a lot of great opportunities such as surveys, offers, paid to read emails, crownflower, gpt, referral and tasks. All countries are accepted. You can withdraw your money through check and the minimum withdrawal is $30. is a well known gpt site that almost all popular gpt top earners are making money on. It is regarded as one of the best gpt site ever online and also one the highest paying gpt sites for several years now including this current year 2013. Inboxdollars has been online and paying regularly since 2002. Another nice thing about inboxdollars is that new users are given free $5.00 as a sign up bonus when they signup and confirm their email. Inboxdollars is regarded as the best paying gpt site in 2013 because of the several ways their members can make money from it.

Makethatdollar is a well organized gpt site among the best gpt sites. It has been online for 6 years and 8 months. All countries are accepted and you can make money by completing survey, offers, videos, crownflower, referrals and paid to signup. Members can withdraw instantly the minimum sum of $1 via check, direct bank deposit, amazon gift card and paypal.

 highest paying gpt sites
Pointdollars is a new gpt among the top gpt sites. They have been online for almost 8 months. It has several ways you can earn money such as surveys, offers, tasks, ptc, games etc. You can withdraw instantly the minimum of $1 daily via paypal, payza and amazon gift card.

squishycash is one of the new top gpt sites. They are just like swagbucks but slightly better than them in terms of high number of surveys, offers and task. They have amazing referral program that can rival that of cashcrate. Squishycash has been online for almost 9 months with a lot of members. The minimum cashout is $20 which can be withdrawn daily via paypal, payza, check and amazon gift card. is a new gpt sites with one of the highest paying earning opportunities. It is the combination of both gpt and ptc ways of earning which is a big plus for anybody who really wants to earn big online. With the way people are rushing to register on this site they will surely be a potential highest paying gpt site come after this 2013. is formerly known as the best ptc site ever, but they included another excellent ways of making money online which includes gpt. Now it has finally made one of the highest paying gpt sites 2013. Clixsense was introduced online since 2007 and ever since then they have been raising from strength to strength. It was, and still is, the only ptc/gpt site where users can click unlimited ads per day. Their methods of payments are paypal, check, payza, liberty reserve and amazon gift card. The average user makes more than $12 per day.

 highest paid gpt site
Dollarrewards is one of the highest paying gpt sites 2013 that was included in 2011 best gpt sites. In fact dealbarbiepays was the best paying gpt site for three consecutive years. They have one of the highest population of members online and the minimum payout is $5.00 via paypal, payza and liberty reserve. was the highest paid gpt site in 2009-2010. However I can’t really say the average earner earnings for it depends on where you are from and how regular you visit the sites. From people’s personal experience, send earning favours members who are from USA and Euro more than the rest of the world. You are given free $5.00 as a sign up bonus when you register and confirm your email. Send earning has over 2 million members online. And their payment methods are paypal and gift card.

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Globalactioncash makes one of the highest paying gpt sites as a result of their multiple earning opportunities and regular payment. If you try all their earning ways then you will make up $45 per day. The payment method is paypal, payza and liberty reserve. is one of my favorite highest paying gpt sites in 2013 even though I use up 9 gpt sites I still like buxp because of their quick response and organization. If you stay long with this site you will understand what am talking about. The minimum cashout is $1.0 via paypal, payza and liberty reserve.

 high paying gpt sites
Surveymad is a well known gpt site which has been online and paying for the past 2 years. It is one of the best paying gpt sites 2013. They pay via paypal, amazon gift card and walmart gift card. There are several ways to earn money innocurrent, you can click the above address to visit and learn more.

In this article we have been able to show you the high paying gpt sites 2013 based on many gpt members requests. Remember the only way to make huge money online is to join as many highest paying gpt sites as possible and we hope the listed sites here will be of good help to you.

As usual, you can drop a message using the comment box below if you have anything to say on these highest paying gpt sites 2013


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