List of Highest Paying Survey Sites 2016


Highest paying survey sites 2016 are what we have so if you are searching for highest paid survey sites of 2016, then you are in the right place. The lists here are not just highest paying survey sites of 2016 but also legit, most trusted and the most popular survey sites currently online.

As you know, we have been doing a lot of research of recent trying to fish out the highest paying survey sites in order to increase our earnings online, for the more highest paying survey sites you join, the more money you make. I have analyzed what makes them highest paying survey sites 2013 and also went into enough details about the top choices available online, taking a closer and critical look at each site’s number of surveys per day and amount of money paid per survey answered.

Well, we have finally found the highest paying survey sites of 2013 we have been looking for. Although some of the sites might be new and not so popular like the others, however, they are all legit with a lot of earning potentials. We have tested them and got paid handsomely.

Here are the lists of survey sites we found, tested and confirmed by many as the highest paying survey site 2013 currently online: is a well known paid survey/gpt site that almost all popular survey top earners are making money on. It is regarded as the best suryvey sites ever online and also the highest paying survey sites for several years now including this current year 2013. Inboxdollars has been online and paying regularly since 2002. Another nice thing about inboxdollars is that new users are given free $5.00 as a sign up bonus when they signup and confirm their email. Inboxdollars is regarded as the top paying survey site in 2013 because of the several ways their members can make money from it. The average earner makes $18 per day. visit inboxdollar for info here is the second top paying survey site 2013. This is the third time in a row this site would be included among the high paid survey sites. Their members have the advantage of doubling their earnings because of their combination of paid survey, gpt and ptc earning ways. And another nice thing about this site is that the minimum cashout is the lowest in the history of survey sites, you can cashout instantly without delay. If you are serious in this site you can make more than $30 per day. visit getpaids for more here like inboxdollars, is a popular and one of the most trusted survey sites online and paying since 2005. They have several ways you can make money with them and the minimum earner makes at least $23 per day, just for spending a few minutes there. The payment methods are paypal, check and amazon gift card. visit treasuretroopers for more info here is one of the highest paying survey 2013 that was included in 2011 highest paid survey sites. In fact dealbarbiepays was the highest paying survey/gpt site for three consecutive years. They have one of the highest population of members online and the minimum payout is $5.00 via paypal, payza and liberty reserve. Average earner makes $9-$11 per day. visit dealbabiepays here is one of the oldest and most legit survey sites on online. Points2shop made the lists of highest paying survey sites 2013 and also last year. They are very consistent in terms of operations and payment. Their members make money based on points which are later converted to cash and cashout through paypal, payza and liberty reserve. The minimum cashout is as low as $0.50. Their average earner makes $10-$10.3 per day. visit points2shops here is one of highest paying survey sites in 2013 with quick response and organization. If you stay long with this site you will understand what am talking about. The minimum cashout is $1.0 via paypal, payza and liberty reserve. visit Irazoo here is also one of the highest paying survey sites where you earn points for testing products and taking surveys. Points are converted to cash or voucher. – Earn point for every survey and focus group completed. Point are redeemable for cash. They accept only 14 years upwards. – Earn points for taking survey, point are redeemable for cash, gift certificate or prize. Must be at least 14 years before you can join them. -get paid cash for every survey and focus group. Many surveys are very rewarding. They have double tie referral structures. – is a uk based online survey site. Earn cash for every survey. They they have daily surveys and target surveys. Get paid via paypal.

Although there are many other highest paying survey sites out there, however, we could not guarantee their level of legitimacy after taking a closer look at their modes of operations. We will keep you update when we learn more about their legitimacy. Until then we hope the above listed survey sites will be of good help to you. So what do you think about these highest paying survey sites 2013?


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