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Sites similar to Dreamgpt are all listed here so if you are searching for best websites like Dreamgpt then these legit sites are for you. They are not only Dreamgpt similar sites but also better in some features and extra ways members can make money on the sites apart from the usual surveys and offers.

The past days have been the busiest ones for us. We have been combing the whole internet such as popular forums and social media, looking for the best sites similar to Dreamgpt to help members who could be seeking for more Dreamgpt similar sites to join and increase their earnings, and also Dreamgpt members who are looking for other sites like Dreamgpt in order to replace their current sites. After a thorough research and consultation and recommendation by top gpt sites members online we were able to compile a very good lists of all the popular and highly paying sites similar to Dreamgpt you may join.

As it is popular known, the best way to make money with sites similar to Dreamgpt is to join as many websites as possible and be organized. Note that it is not against the term and condition to join as many survey sites as you wish, but make sure to clear your cookies after you log out of each sites so as to be able to do the same offer on both sites and get credited. Also make sure to use different email address to open each account.

Sites Similar to Dreamgpt

Below are the lists of sites similar to Dreamgpt, if you need more info about any of the listed sites you may click on the name or image for a direct visit.

 Sites similar to Dreamgpt
Cashcrateis currently the best gpt site for USA members and a site similar to Dreamgpt. They are the most trusted and highly paying gpt site in the industry with amazing features. They offer $5.00 as a sign up bonus and the nice thing about them is that they have daily surveys for every member, it is that worth up to $200 per month and apart other surveys you can complete to add to what you earn from the daily surveys. Don’t forget to use their referral program, they are the best in that part too. The payment methods are Paypal, Check, Dwolla and Direct Bank Deposit. It is a must JOIN for USA residents.

Treasuretrooper is another site similar to Dreamgpt. Just like the above mentioned sites they have daily surveys and lot of ways to make money online such as tasks, offers and other surveys. You may try out their treasure hunt game that worth $100 per winner. The cashout methods are Paypa, Check and Gift Cards. If you are looking for more than one gpt sites to work with then don’t miss out from this. All countries are accepted without preferential treatment. You may click on the name for a direct visit to the site.

 Sites similar to Dreamgpt
Points2shop is a very popular Dreamgpt similar sites. They have over 6 million members and still growing rapidly online. New members are given $0.50 as a sign up bonus, international members are also accepted earning opportunities. The payment methods are Check, Paypal, Dwollar and Gift Cards and the minimum cashout is $0.50 within 24 hours. You may visit the HERE for more info.

 Sites like Dreamgpt
Get-paidis a top site similar to Dreamgpt. They have being online for the past 3 years and paying consistently to all members. Members are given coins for every survey or offer they complete and the coins are converted to cash and withdraw through Paypal, Payza, Western Union, Webmoney, perfect money etc. the minimum cashout is 250 coins which is equal to $0.05. For more detail visit the site HERE .

Zoombucks is a sites similar to Dreamgpt in all features too, like paid to search etc. You will be given a virtual currency for every survey or offer you complete. They can be converted to cash and withdraw via Paypal and Gift Cards.

Superpay is a gpt site just like Dreamgpt that pays their member daily for completing daily surveys, ptc ads and other free offers. They have over 700 international offers and once a members reaches the minimum of $1.00 can cashout via Paypal, Payza, moneybookers, neteller or amazon gift cards.

Clixsense is a Dreamgpt similar site, however they are the combination of both ptc and gpt features. Members can earn using both features such as completing surveys, offers, tasks and clicking ads. They have the best paying ads. Check, Paypal and Paytoo are the cashout methods. is a site similar to Dreamgpt but more of only survey. Members are required to fill out their profile because surveys are sent via email base on members’ profile. The payment method is check and the minimum cashout is $20.

Squishycash is also among the sites similar to Dreamgpt. They are the combination of gpt and ptc site so members can increase their money using the two features. Don’t forget to use their referral program too, it a good way to earn extra bucks. It a highly legitimate site and have been online for the past 4 years and paying regularly without issue. The Cashout methods are Paypal, Gift Cards etc. you may click HERE to visit the site for more info.

Dollarsignup is a site similar to Dreamgpt. It is the combination of ptc and gpt features, however is a site that keeps changing earning potential and members are complaining of not make enough money on the site, but they are a legit gpt site and pay regularly. The cashout methods are paypal, payza and Gift cards.

Buxp is a top gpt site that is similar to Dreamgpt. They are also the combination of both ptc sites and gpt sites features and have been online for long and paying without problem. Member are required to do both ptc and gpt offers before cashing out. The minimum cashout is $6.9 via Paypal, Payza and Gift cards.

Meprizes is a gpt site like Dreamgpt. They have been online since 2012 and paying regularly. Although they don’t have much offers like the above mentioned sites but they pay good and legitimately. The cashout methods are Paypal etc.

Paiddailysurveys is a new gpt site that have being online and paying for the past 4 months. Just like new site they don’t have much offer and surveys like the other older gpt sites.

Rewardingways is also a site similar to Dreamgpt. They have been online and paying. However there have been a lot of complaints about account been marked as “Cheater” so if you are earning from this sites then you need to be careful not to log in with different Ip address.

Incentria is another gpt site that is like Dreamgpt. It is a new gpt site but paying without problem. Although there is not much offers and surveys on the site however they are legit and paying.

Hope the above listed Dreamgpt similar sites will be of great help to your online earnings. You may use the comment box below if you have any question or opinion on the above listed sites similar to Dreamgpt


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