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Sites similar to Filegeek listed here are all the legit websites like Filegeek online so if you are searching for Filegeek similar sites then you are in the right place. They are the only best Filegeek related sites you will ever find online.

As you must have noticed, we have done a lot of findings and researching recently for the best sites similar to Filegeek to help people who are looking for alternative sites to replace Filegeek. After thorough research and consultation on various pay per download forums we were able to discover and compiled a full lists of all the legitimate ppd sites similar to Filegeek .

They have all the features and earning ways just like Filegeek however most of the Filegeek alternatives sites listed here have extra features and earning ways that make it easier and faster to make money using ppd sites.

Not only that, they also have several payment methods to choose from with low minimum and instant payment for all members. So if you are looking for sites similar to Filegeek with also extra features then below listed websites are for you!

Sites Similar To Filegeek

Dollaruploads is one of the best (if not the best) ppd sites similar to Filegeek. A very nice and top legitimate site with good members feedback. Users have several ways they can maximize their earnings on the site such as link locker, file locker and website locker. Website locker allows a code to be placed on a site so that every visitor to your site will have to complete a small survey before they can gain access to your site, while link locker is locking the link to any content or file you find online without having to upload the file on their website. The withdrawal methods are Paypal, Payza, Check, Payoneer, Bank Wire etc and the minimum cashout is $10.

Sharecash is the oldest website among Filegeek similar sites. It is the first site online to introduce pay per download system, however they have being trailing the above mentioned site in terms of earnings potentials. Recently, link locker was introduced to the site just like the top website. The minimum requirement for cashout is $10 and the cashout methods are Paypal, payza, Check, Bank Deposit, Bank wire etc.

Dreamcash is one of the fastest growing ppd network among the sites similar to Filegeek. It has the combination of features found on above two sites such as link locker, website locker, file locker etc. The minimum withdrawal requirement is $10 and the withdrawal ways are Paypal, Check, Bank Wire and Bank Deposit.

Paidshare is Filegeek similar website with amazing member support and highly technical and experience staff to help members out on any issue. It provides members with necessary tools to make earnings easier and quicker. Automatic account approval like the above mentioned sites and payment are made on weekly basis via Paypal, Payza, Check, Bank Deposit and the cashout minimum is $10

Shargate is a highly organised ppd network and 24/7 member support staff. They provide members with tools, tutorial needed to accelerate and increase their earnings. It’s a new ppd network that pays regularly, the minimum cashout is $10 while the withdrawal methods are Paypal and Check.

Purebts is a website similar to Filegeek. They have link locker, file locker, website locker etc. And multi upload system. They might be a new ppd network but are promising with the potential of being the best ppd sites in few years time. The cashout least requirement is $10 and the methods for withdrawing cash are through Paypal, Check and Bank Deposit.

Sharefilecash is a new ppd network but legitimate and paying site similar to Filegeek. It is a website with high quality innovation and incentive to motivate user into putting more effort in the process. They are also a legit site and have being paying since established.

Clutchfle is a revolutionare pay per download website with various features and 24/7 member support and statistics show all the detail of activities to users links and files etc. The withdrawal methods are Paypal and Payza.

Blvme is a site similar to Filegeek but slightly different in terms of earnings ways. Here, users can only earn using link locker and website widgets. Website widget is a code that will be placed on a site that shows every visitor to your site a small survey they will have to complete before they can gain access to your site. They also pay for clicks on your link. Minimum cashout is $10 and cashout methods are Paypal, Payza, Check, Bank Deposit and Western Union Money Transfer.

Cashshare is a site similar to Filegeek using high quality tools and statistics that make earnings easier and quicker. It is one of the popular sites with a very Strong and unbypassable download system. They have a social media button on the download link that allows visitor to share your file on social media thus earning you more downloads and money in the process. The minimum requirement for cashout is $10 and the withdrawal methods are paypal, payza, Bank wire etc and the payment is made Bi-weekly.

Cashourfle is a new ppd network among the listed Filegeek similar sites. They have being online for 4 months and paying successfully without hitch. Members can also earn with link locker. Withdrawal methods are Paypa and Payza. Instant payment.

Astrocash is a new and promising ppd site. They are known as file hosting service. Users can choose to use the paid method if they wish. $20 is the minimum payout and Paypal the payment method.

Sites similar to Filegeek
is a site similar to Filegeek but it is a platform for content publishers and service developers. They earn with content locker and product locker. Paypal,payza bank wire and check, Western Union are payment methods.

Sites similar to Filegeek
is Filegeek similar site that has being in operation since 2012 and the cashout method are paypal and check and the minimum cashout is $10

linkbucks is a ppd site similar to Filegeek but slightly different from others because they make use of link locker, pay per download and short url that pays per click and works on per click, per download and per action. They offer instant payment via Paypal and payoneer, when reach the minimum cashout requirement of $5.

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