Do you have a fear of success?


I debated weather or not I should write this post and decided to any way. I have been working online for a few months doing GPT and I have decided to expand into Internet marketing, I got the tools and training necessary to begin this process but have not really starting marketing because I was fearful of failing. I have heard it said many times before that failing is not an option, but I am here to tell you that failing has to be an option, it just has to be. Internet Marketing is not an easy business, if anyone said making money online is easy they are not being truthful.

Working online takes time and persistence. You have to be willing to work consistently and it requires patients and diligence. My fear from failing has been preventing me from really starting my Internet Marketing business. Each day I would continue to do my get paid to programs but put off the other things I needed to get done.

Fear is a false evidence appearing real. The best way to overcome fear is to do what we fear. It helps if you visualize the worst case scenario and accept it as a possibility, so failure has to be an option.

I have created a success-habit-reminder Card with boxes for check-marks to record my daily activities and to hold me accountable. I tape this to my computer desk and it helps me to keep track of my actions.

Create a “To Do” List. Determine immediate, intermediate and long-range goals. I assign priorities to my goal list ranging from important & urgent, Important but not urgent, Not urgent or important.

Procrastination does not have to be a permanent fixture in your life. You can choose to change your habits and accomplish your goals Make the decision that you are not perfect and never will be. Realize that if it is worth doing, it’s worth doing well until you get it right. Stop judging yourself according to your accomplishments or other peoples accomplishment for that matter. Learn to trust yourself and develop intuition and follow your hunches, its that sixth sense that everyone talks about and we all have in us. I hope this was helpful, but don’t just read this go out there and take action!


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